Get a Home Loan in South Africa | Affordable Home loans in South Africa

If you are the resident of the South Africa. There are not much rules and regulations for you if you want to get the loan. However, for a non resident there are various rules and regulations are there if they want to get the home loan. Hence, one must contain an appropriate knowledge in order to get a home loan in South Africa. 


Get a Home Loan in South Africa

Get a Home Loan in South Africa:

The purchasing and registration of the home is a bit lengthy and stressful process. By this we can know about the involved parties. As well as the steps in the home loan registration process.

Initiating the Purchase:

However, in this the buyer and the seller sign and offer to the purchase (OTP). Moreover, it is a specified term of the agreement between two parties which includes purchase price, deposit, date of transfer, occupational rental, etc.

Mortgage home loan application:

The buyer with the help of the mortgage broker applies to the home loan to the lender. There are 4 basic steps for the home loan application.

  • The broker will submit your application to the lender.
  • The bank approves the loan to a property valuation and sometimes with other conditions.
  • The valuation takes place either physically or through computer.
  • After this process the banks finally grants you the loan.

Home loan Approval:

Once the lender approved the loan. after this the finance bank will instruct the relevant home loan attorney in order to proceed to the home loan registration process. However, this can take up to three days.

Property Transfer:

After this the seller advises the Transferring Attorney to transfer the property into the buyer’s name. However, the  title deed and cancellation figures are requested from the bank. The statement of the rates as well as the taxes are being requested  from the local authority.

Home loan Attorney contacts Transferring Attorney:

The Home loan Attorney advises the Transferring Attorney of the amount available for guarantees and requests the draft deed of transfer and guarantee requirements.

Cancellation Attorney:

However, this attorney is requested to cancel the seller’s home loan upon receipt of a guarantee for the amount owing.

Transferring Attorney:

This attorney request that the buyer and the seller sign the transfer documents. However, the buyer pays the transfer cost and  the Transferring Attorney then pays the rates and taxes and the transfer duty.

Home loan Attorney:

Moreover, this attorney prepares the home loan documentation and relevant documentation. Hence, the buyer signs the document as well as pays the cost. However, this also prepares  and issues the necessary guarantees, forwards them to the Transferring Attorney and prepares the home loan documents.

Transferring Attorney:

However, after the Transferring Attorney has received the guarantees. After that they are forwarded to the Cancellation Attorney.

Cancellation Attorney:

However, this cancellation Attorney attains the consent for home loan cancellation from the bank which holds the seller’s home loan.

Documents prepared for the Deeds Office:

However, after all the documentation has been signed and cost paid. The transfer of the new home loan and the cancellation documents are being prepared. This is done through the respective attorneys in the deeds office.

 Deeds Office:

All the documents are send to the deeds office. It checks it for 2-3 days before they are ready for the registration.

Bank pays out the loan:

However, on the date of the registration is declared bank pays the amount of the loan. Hence, the borrower gets the loan.

Thus, these are the few steps you need to follow to get he loan.

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