How to Get Loan For Home Improvement Without Equity | Get Home Loan Without equity

In this article we will discuss about How to Get Loan For Home Improvement Without Equity? As after the home keys you need to make improvements in the house. Many people take the loan for that purpose. But is it possible to take the home improvement loan without equity? Now we will discuss about it.

How to Get Loan For Home Improvement Without Equity?

If a new home owner does not have much equity. So it is difficult to get the home improvement loan. However, it is not impossible. As home equity is the difference between the  home’s fair market value and the loan balance. If a person have less equity or no equity, it provides a borrower  less money to borrow in a home equity loan. Moreover, if a buyer puts little money down they will have a little equity. There are many chances that the home buyer may purposefully not put much money down. As they can’t afford more. They may want to keep their many liquid some where else. Such as for investment purpose. However, some home loans allow no money down. A home may drop in its value due to no equity. Hence, here is a step by step guide for how to get home improvement loan without equity.

Title 1 loans:

Title 1 loans are insured by the federal housing administration. These loans can be for up to $25,000. However, these loans can be used for permanent improvements that protect or improve the livability or functionality of your home. There are various advantages and requirements of an FHA Title 1 loan for a single-family home:

How to Get Loan For Home Improvement Without Equity

  • For loans under $7,500, security is seldom needed. Only your signature is needed, and a cosigner isn’t necessary
  • You must be a good credit risk
  • Little red tape. The lender can give you an answer in a few days.
  • Largest loan term is 20 years
  • No prepayment penalties
  • If you hire a contractor, you sign a completion certificate after the work is done. The lender then pays the contractor the money you borrowed.

Consider the cost of improvements:

you need to consider the total cost of the improvement. which you are required to pay or need to get as the loan. However, the home renovation cost can be expensive. Such as the mid-range bathroom remodel costs $17,908, compared to $57,404 for an upscale one, according to the report of the 2016. Hence, you need to look after the cost of improvement which you need to get the renovation purpose done.


There re many other options if you don’t want title 1 loan. Such as:

Energy efficient mortgage: This is recognized by the federal government. It rolls into primary mortgage. You can easily get it when you  first get your mortgage, requiring no equity.

Contractor loans: Contractors who specialize in some areas of home improvement offer their own financing. These include new windows, roofing, flooring, and heating and cooling systems. Their interest rates can be very high.

Personal loans for home improvement: This is a type of personal loan which could be use by your credit card for materials needed for the home repairs or using it for a cash advance.

The bottom line:

Making improvements on your home without equity is possible. However, you are required to know about how much of amount is needed to get the loan. So that you can done your renovation task.

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